Monday, August 13, 2012

I’m Not Lost

I’m not lost. I swear.

Apparently my grand plan to blog more this summer totally went out the window somewhere between conquering a mile-long book list, getting ready for my first 5K and going on adventures with my friends.

And I can’t say that I’m too sorry about that.

Because, well, I was living. And that’s something that I need to be doing more of.

With just one more week before I head back to one of my favorite places on this planet, I’ve decided that I need to write another letter to myself.

So that’s in progress—heavily detailed with how to do more of that living thing.

Be on the look-out for that soon :)

But for now, how about a quick, here’s what my summer looked like recap?

1. I hung out with my favorite kiddos. Oh their smiles…I’m gonna miss them :(

                 IMG_1838 copy

2. My girls (minus our favorite fourth) came for a visit to celebrate Tanya’s birthday.

3. Taylor and I went on lots of random adventures. We were bored. We needed things to do.

4. My sweet friend from high school, Kelsey, got married. Danielle, Taylor and I took advantage of our pretty dresses and took some fun pictures!

DSC_0214 copy   DSC_0215 copy

5. I ran. A lot. The girls and I are gearing up for our first 5K this fall and I’m super excited about it. More to come on this little adventure!


6. As I said at the beginning, I’ve read pretty long list of books this summer. I’m trying to cram my whole list in before I head back to school. Any John Green fans out there? Just started Looking for Alaska. Pretty sure he’s my new favorite author. And I’m on page 66. Yeah…

I’ve missed every body so much! Annie and I got caught up last night and I realized how much I’ve missed all my bloggie friends! So if you’re still out there reading, leave a little note in the comments—I’d love to catch up with you :)

I hope everyone has had a spectacular summer and I promise to be a much better blogger this upcoming year.

Now off to finish up that letter…if I can refrain from picking my book back up.


  1. snap! you've been busy! but it sounds like you had a good summer, too! that's a super cute dress you wore to your friend's wedding. when do you head back to BC?

  2.  It was a very good summer! And thanks--Ann Taylor Loft. Love their dresses :) I'm going back TODAY!!!!!


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