Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Maybe You Should Fly a Jet

Maybe you should fly a jet.

Maybe you should be a vet.

Want to be a ticket taker?

Want to be a pizza maker?


BC’s education department is nationally ranked and recognized and so it’s no surprise that the field experience/practicum area of the department is nothing less than remarkable. As candidates in the teacher education program, we have more experiences then most future educators have to be out in classrooms observing and getting hand-on experience. And for this, I am so incredibly blessed.

This semester, alongside my Diversity in the Classroom course, I had my first field experience.

My Monday afternoons were my bright spots in the week and I couldn’t wait to be bombarded with hugs and ‘I love you Miss Hannah’s!’ I was placed in a pre-k program at a local elementary school and the warmth and affection that I received from both the teacher and the students was something that I will never forget.

The teacher that I was placed with was one that I will work to emulate in my own classroom; from her teaching style to her nature with the children, she was a remarkable role model.

This practicum was only an observational one, but my cooperating teacher allowed me to have my own small group each week and I was able to get to know the children one-on-one and work with them on various activities.

As you can probably guess, I was pretty bummed when my last Monday came this week. (I only needed to observe 10 hours for the course, but I ended up finishing out the semester because I loved it so much! :) )

However, the little going away present they gave me made saying goodbye a little bit easier.

I received a collection of Dr. Seuss stories to start off my classroom library; and one of the books in the collection was a favorite of mine—hence the title of this post.

But the specialest part of the book was just inside the cover.

All the kids signed their names so that I could remember them always.

It was so cute and just perfect. I know that I will cherish it always.


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