Monday, April 30, 2012

Phone Dump

phone dump 1

My favorite day of the year a.k.a Relay for Life *  The roomie and I made a Greek salad for our Greece and Italy reunion night—it was just as delicious as it looked * So the roomie and I are the best at getting into shenanigans. This one was caught on camera and by the SRA * Reminiscing over Italy in Physics class * I jammed my pinky in my steering wheel and the little kazoos that EP were handing out as publicity that day turned out to be the perfect size for a make-shift splint * B and I had a Drown Our Sorrow night and indulged in lots and lots of fast food and a viewing of Titanic * Miss B’s baby brother was born!!!! * D and I at T’s birthday party * T and I at her birthday party * My favorite girl and I over Spring Break * The sister and I on Easter

And that concludes my first phone dump, post-hiatus.

I hope everyone had a great Monday! :)

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