Saturday, July 16, 2011

And the Chapter Ends

In the past 3 days my life has completely & totally changed.

Remember this post? While I am sure that I will have plenty more of those days, the boy in the aforementioned post will no longer be the cause. Of that I am darn sure.

And with this chapter of my life officially closed, I seem to have none of the typical, end-of-an-era feelings.

Instead, something B.O.B. would call magic seems to have happened. 

All the residual feelings, the straggling questions and thoughts, the what ifs—they all vanished. And the knot that has lived in my stomach for what feels like a lifetime has vanished, too. Poof! Gone just like that.

It’s so weird. I feel so airy and light.

The songs that I used to listen to on repeat,(like this one and this one) feeling that the artist was the only other person on the planet who could possibly feel the same way I did,  now cause me to smile and push NEXT, advancing to the following track on the CD.

Because it’s happened.

The chapter has ended—the book, however, nowhere near complete marches on.

Closure has finally fallen upon my heart.

And it is absolutely amazing.

So now I look back and smile at the memories knowing that I will never forget, knowing that I will forever be stronger, and that I will be just fine.

The time has come for me to begin the next chapter.

So, as Nancy Botwin says, I shall…


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