Saturday, February 12, 2011

The One in Which I Become a Belieber

We are now half way through the first half of our spring semester, so I thought that it would be a nice weekend to visit the ole casa.

My Friday evening was extremely low-key; I worked on some homework and got caught up on some of my favorite TV shows—thank you ONDemand! I, so gratefully, found my way to my bed before the wee hours of Saturday morning; just another one of the great parts of being at home is the good night’s rest one can get, free of rowdy-weekend-party-returners.

My Saturday, however, was jam-packed with fun ;)

I met an old friend at Panera Bread for lunch—a lunch that lasted four hours, mind you. What can I say? We both really like talking. I’m pretty sure that I would still be sitting with him there, hours and hours later, had it not been for the fact that I had evening plans.

What evenings plans you ask? I went to see this little, ole documentary. You might have heard of it—Never Say Never? I said that in jest; the whole “maybe you heard about it” and “little ole.”

I can’t lie when I say that I have done my fair share of Bieber bashing; he was probably one of the first fads that I just wasn’t into—I was over the boy-crush, popstar thanks in large part to the Jonas Brothers. BUT! Lately I have started falling for his hair flip and pretty eyes, sans the poppy music.

And when I saw that they were making a documentary of his life—because it’s been such a long one thus far—I laughed at the hysterically overdramatized trailers.  I knew, however, that I would be one of the many teenager girls who paid an astronomical amount of money to go and see Never Say Never, in all its 3D glory.

My sister and I invited two of our favorite little girls to go with us. Ya know, so that we wouldn’t look like complete creepers and everything. And three minutes into it, I leaned over to my sister and said, “This movie is going to make me like him, isn’t it?”

And from then on, I knew I was a goner. As much as I hate to say it, I’m one of the 103582058 million other girls—You guys, I’m a Belieber.

His story is such a remarkable one and I highly suggest going to see it. It is such the American dream; if he was, you know, American. I’m pretty sure that I smiled non-stop at his extreme cuteness, through learning of all of his many successes (like selling out MSG after being in the music industry for all of a year) and at all the wonderful things that his crew does to “give back” to all his fans. His story is an inspiring one…and it doesn’t hurt that he is super cute.

So I fully retract every mean word I ever said about Justin Bieber because I’m now one of them, too. Though I promise that this little here blog will, in no way, become a shrine to The Cute One.

As I’m wrapping up my weekend at home, I’m bracing for the chaos that I know this week will bring—I have so many meetings (a few that I’m dying to share with you), a Relay kick-off dinner, and of course lots and lots of homework. Thank goodness for the weekends that let us catch a breath from the chaos of our lives!

Just gotta remember what Mr. Bieber says…one can never say never ;) Sorry. Enough for the Bieber-isms.

Anyone else see it??


  1. Ha. Thanks, Annie. I'm glad someone gets me :)
    We shall see how long my Belieber-ness lasts--maybe it's a passing fad or a lifelong passion.
    All I know is that one can never say never...;)

  2. He is SOOOO adorable!! His eyes, his hair, etc.
    And I didn't see it twice this weekend, but I will be going to see it again--this time with my friends :)

  3. I love catching up with old friends over lunch. Especially @ Panera.. YUM :) I'm jealous though I haven't seen the movie yet! Maybe this week.


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