Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Relay Time!

It’s getting to be that time again! Relay for Life time!

imageThe BC Relay for Life Committee was one of the first things that I signed up to participate in last fall. We’re the ones who do all the planning behind the scenes, before and on the day of the event. I love being a part of this group—everyone is so upbeat and energetic about such a wonderful cause.

And let me tell you when I say that BC goes all out when it comes to Relay. Last year we ranked 4th in the nation when it came down to the money, beating out the schools around us—much larger schools at that. And this year, will be no exception!

This morning we had our first kick-off event during convo hour and it was such a wonderful experience. Each of the committee members shared their position, who they Relay for and a fact about Relay or the American Cancer Society. From then we moved to a few videos and one of the committee members shared a story—and everything had me crying. Major sob fest! It was such a good thing that I had already talked and was in the front so no one could see me…it was not pretty.

Here’s one of the videos that got be bawling today.

I urge everyone to participate in a local Relay—the American Cancer Society is doing such amazing things. Last year, they were able to save 90 lives a day and in one single year that number has more than doubled. The American Cancer Society (with money mostly funded by Relay) saves 350 lives a day. Imagine what another year could do to that number.

I am helping to create a world with more birthdays. Are you??

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