Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hello Spring

We’ve got a lot to get caught up on—including Love Day crafts and the few other pieces of chaos that I call my life. But first I wanted to share these adorable paper flowers with you because they’re the perfect springtime touch as you take down your Love Day decor.

My aunt sent me this link yesterday and before I clicked on it, I knew it was a bad idea. So beware; it sent me downward into a craft spiral that lasted for a few hours. Poor M had to deal with the craziness of my craft mode, although she did learn how to thread a needle and sew a few stitches!

Aren’t these the cutest little paper flowers?


They’re absolutely perfect for cards, countdowns, decorating and more things that I can’t even think of! Their possibilities are endless.


So cute!! If you have any springtime crafts or tips to share with us—please do so!! I would love some new ideas and inspirations :)

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  1. Yes, those definitely ARE the cutest paper flowers! :]


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