Monday, January 31, 2011

Mondays and a Disclosure

Oh, Mondays. They come so quickly in these here parts.

It’s like you’re sitting in your last Friday afternoon and all of sudden it’s time for your 8 AM class on Monday. Oh how time flies when you’re having fun.

The good thing about Mondays—the fresh start of a new week.

And that’s exactly what today was. I found myself leading my Spanish class (contemplating a major switch to my favorite second language) and trying to memorize my peer’s names and majors in my education class. It was quite a jam-packed morning academically.

My afternoon, not wanting to be outdone, was also full—of new friends and a new adventure.

First the new friends. Thanks to the drama—and my befriending the other bullied girl—I have been introduced to a slew of new, wonderful friends. As corny as it may sound, it has been quite the breath of fresh air. I am realizing now that no matter how much I love the friends that I hold the nearest and dearest to me, it is also nice to have a large support system made up of confidants and comrades.

We spent the afternoon dredging through homework and laughing over dumb moments in our life. And it was absolutely wonderful.

The new adventure? A pilot program here at BC called Emerging Leaders. I was selected as a candidate due to my leadership roles in high school. It is a 6-week program; an opportunity to reflect on leadership in our own lives and the world around us to prepare us to take part in leadership roles across campus in the future.

Tonight was our first meeting and it was absolutely wonderful. I love when we delve into such powerful words and their connotations like leader. I’m quite excited to see where these next few months go as we complete a service-learning project and create both friendships and form relationships with some of the heads around campus.

All-in-all it was a busy day full of class work, friends, and thoughts of the future.

I now realize how long this post has gotten so I suppose it is about time for me to go. Before we part however, I would just like to drop a little line after something was brought to my attention today. A disclosure you could say; for most of you reading here, you probably won’t understanding and that is perfect and wonderfully alright.

First, I would just like to say that I have never lied about anything on this blog. Everything that I have shared with you about my experiences at college these past months have been nothing but fact. If everyone is honest with themselves they will see that I have not claimed any falsehoods; I have shared my real emotions and events that did take place.

I have never once called anyone out particularly (especially by name) because that is not what this blog is for. This blog is for me to share my life story with those of you who so lovingly choose to join on me on my adventure—and I love each and every one of you for it.

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