Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snow, Forests, Crafts, and A Wonderful Blogger

Classes are once again under way, snow has visited our mountain-nestled college yet again—with another snowstorm in our near forecast (fingers crossed, people!), and here I sit.

I can already tell that this semester is going to be a dozy—what with español, sociology, my introduction to education class and more. I’ve got reading up to my eyeballs!

Somehow I’ve managed to fit some Valentine’s Day craft-making into the mental breaks I give myself between reading about society’s relationship with forests and how often students merely find themselves “in the game of school” versus actually learning. Fun stuff, let me tell you. Really, it is actually quite fascinating—especially if you have such a desire to teach like me :)

But back to craft making—I touched up these and I think they turned out even cuter.


And then, I had a day that I was feeling quite inspirational…and so I concocted these beauties. Sometimes I begin crafting, with no idea of what I’m trying to create—this was one of those times.


With more snow days around the corner, does anyone out there have any other winter/Love Day craft ideas?? I would love to hear them!

Also, I wanted to share about a wonderful blogger that I’ve gotten to know. Her name is OneGirl and she has got one inspirational story to share with the world. She is beginning a fundraising quest to fund her summer mission trip and she needs all the support she can get—please go check her out :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!!!

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  1. You are very welcome--I'm all about supporting people in their ministries!! So inspiring. And I haven't forgotten about my tips for you...I'm trying to locate the blog I used to make mine :)

    And oh my goodness yes; I'll do it right now! I apologize!!


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