Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our "Christmas Eve"

A few weeks ago, the girls and I scheduled our “Christmas” for Sunday. We had exchanged names prior to Thanksgiving, with a list of small gift ideas for our Secret Santa. I, however, knew that I was going to be going totally off of personality inspiration!

By Saturday, with the stress of finals looming over head, we were ready for a distraction just like “Christmas.” So since it was, in fact, the day before our “Christmas,” it was dubbed “Christmas Eve” and the celebrations began.

It was planned, that after a day spent writing papers, we would spend the evening in our Christmas pajamas, M would spend the night—to ensure a Christmas morning together—and we would settle in for hot chocolate and movies. And as it would be, snow found me once again. It was perfect timing! We were just settling in to start watching Princess and the Frog when the snow started to fall.

DSC_0078  penguin 



It was the perfect distraction from papers and exams!! And “Christmas” was just as great—with breakfast and the giving of gifts before buckling down and getting back to work. Now I’m just ready for these next few days to fly by so that I can get home for the real Christmas!Hurry up Thursday!!

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