Thursday, November 11, 2010

Meet My Roomie


You see that girl?

The one with the sunglasses on top of her head and the goofy grin across her face?

That would be my roomie, T. We didn’t start out the year as roomies (she lived across the hall from me), but through a twist of fate, we ended up together a month into the year.

And we’re pretty much inseparable now. So much so that I’m pretty sure we’re becoming one person. We say the same exact thing at the same exact time, multiple times throughout the day (we think the same thing even more than that!).

We laugh like it’s no one’s business (mostly because we both do some pretty stupid stuff) and have to stop and catch our breath on quite a few occasions. We have to shut up long enough for the other person to get a word in because we’re known to be story tellers…and master story tellers at that. We’re also quite loud. As in other people on our floor have said we’re the loudest. Yeah, it’s bad.

We’re the only two in the Quad who are always in good moods (always being 95% of the time) and we keep our little group hoping. We’re quite the tag team.

She’s the other half to my equation. Or as she likes to say, we’re the glue to this arts and craft project (aka as the Quad).

And so ends the post on my roomie T.

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