Thursday, August 5, 2010

terrifying-ly exciting

Last night, after a much-needed dinner date with friends, it finally started to hit me that college is right around the corner.

Like as in three weeks. Or 21ish days.

And it kind of freaked me out.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited and extremely pumped for college.

But all of a sudden I was terrified.

I’m going to be alone, in a new place, where I know no one.

My friends are going to be hours away; my family an hour or two.

And that’s scary. 

So I sat pretty spooked for a few minutes and chatted about it with my friends. Who, I’m pretty sure, all went through the same life-altering moment as I did…at nearly the same time.

And slowly I began to realize that while it is terrifying, it is terrifying-ly exciting.

We are growing up. Forging our own paths. Figuring out who we are. Starting our lives.

I’m sure there will be more then a few tears shed over the next few weeks. But that’s okay. Because it is a part of the change. The new adventure. The new journey. Our journey.

My journey.


  1. it IS terrifying - but you're right, it's terrifying-ly exciting. you'll adjust - it may take a while, but you will. and i'm sure you'll love college once you get used to the swing of it. if you ever want some reassurance, advice, or just a vent, feel free to email me at anniesmusings {at} gmail {dot} com. i know i'm only a year older, so i'm no expert, but if you ever have a question or anything, don't hesitate to ask. i'm sure you'll do well this year! :]
    - annie

  2. Hey you've got one year on me! Ha. And I will take any advice so thanks for the offer :)
    And for your reassuring words. So glad to hear that I'm not too far off the mark...or crazy !

  3. you're welcome! no, you're definitely not. i can't think of any advice offhand, but if you have any questions you're more than welcome to email me! i hope you're enjoying getting ready to start your first year!


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