Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Celebration

We had quite the celebration Saturday night.

Lots of yummy, good ole’ West Virginia food. Including some awesome chicken.

There was visitin’ and huggin’ and playin’. 

The weather was beautiful and cool. The company perfect.

It was quite a celebration.


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  1. Well thanks for commenting Ellie! I love getting to know who my readers are :)
    As for cameras and photography, what I have learned I've learned from various yearbook camps that I have attended and basically just playing around and seeing what I like. Is there something particular you'd like to know about?? Like the effects or a brand? You can e-mail me at or just leave comment here :)

    And your BC and my BC are constantly confused. We even have the same colors and mascot. I'm going to Bridgewater College. It is a private college in Virginia. As for Boston, I would love to visit. It looks so beautiful!


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