Friday, June 18, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

In the midst of playing Cat and Mouse*…

T: If you are wearing square shorts!!

T’s brother: Buddy, I think you mean plaid.

I love them :)

catandmouse catandmouse3 copy

*Cat and Mouse is a game the kids and I have created together; basically it’s a variation of a lot of different tagging/your it games. You have your cat stand in the middle of a field with your mice on one end of the field. Your cat will yell a detail or characteristic (If you’re wearing blue, if you have a dog, if you have ever been to North Carolina, etc.). Then the mice, should they have a blue shirt, a dog or have been to North Carolina, would then run towards the other end of the field while the cat tries to catch them. If you’re tagged you become a cat too until eventually all the mice have become cats. When the next round starts, the cat will be whoever the previous cat tagged first. Sounds complicated but it isn’t at all and they always beg to play it during their outside time. Makes things easy peasy for me!!

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