Saturday, June 19, 2010

Diet Coke, Stuart Little and Space Camp

Throughout the summer at work, we have themed weeks which our daily activities and games revolve around. For our first week of summer we were at space camp. Complete with flying saucers, moon rocks, walks on the moon, and a man on the moon mural.

GoodGroupPictureThis is the drop cloth of the man in the moon with stars, constellations and a few glow-in-the-dark appliqu├ęs…the bottom’s cut off to protect the wee ones :)

With a few failed attempts at rocket launching in the 3 and 4 year old rooms, I had an idea---Diet Coke and Mentos. So yesterday, I stopped at 7 Eleven before work and picked up some Diet Coke and a pack of Mentos. After naptime all the kids huddled against the fence waiting for the show. It surely wasn’t a rocket launch, but the soda exploding high in the sky had all the kids giddy with excitement. They loved it!!!

gettingready We’re getting ready for the launch!

Besides our weekly theme, for my classroom (the school agers), I’ve also decided to do a book a week and have our activity on Friday be to watch the movie based on the book. This week we did Stuart Little and each day for 30 minutes we sat outside and read from the E.B. White classic. Sometimes I would read and sometimes I would let the older school agers take a go at it. Then yesterday, with popped popcorn before them, they watched Stuart Little with Hugh Laurie and Geena Davis.

DSC_0016The movie poster the kids made for Stuart Little. I think we’re going to make one each week and hang them around the room.

The week flew by! I’m already planning for next week; we’re surely going to have a blast once more!

Any suggestions on books for my class? I was thinking Because of Winn-Dixie.


  1. What about Charlotte's Web? That's a classic for sure.

  2. no problem! if you use it, let me know how it went! :]

  3. Winn-Dixie this week. Swiss Family Robinson next. And Charlotte's Web the next. I definitely will :)

  4. awesome! can't wait to hear about it :]


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