Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Key to . . . Surviving RSV and Double Ear Infections

One of the main reasons I’ve been absent these last few weeks (besides my enormous amounts of work) has been my latest illness.

As much as I love my job, there is a downside. An unhealthy downside. Because, you see, there are always at least three little boogers sick all the time. And for some reason, I have to cuddle and play with them. And while I wash and sanitize like crazy, I’ve gotten every thing. The whooping cough. The swine flu. Now RSV and two double ear infections in less then a month.

The latest illness’s symptoms: dizziness (not good when trying to do homework, standing, sitting up, etc.), nauseous, limited appetite, and stuffed up ears. I would describe the stuffed up ears as cotton balls in each ear, muffling sounds to the point where I can’t hear all that well, accompanied by pleasant and sporadic shooting pains.

Today, I visited a ENT PA to diagnose me with fluid in my middle ear (really? I could have told you that!) with mild temporary hearing loss in my left ear. So now I’m left hoping the latest antibiotic and nasal spray will work so that I can skip the whole tube in ears thing (which would ruin my upcoming Florida vacation).

I’ve been researching the Internet for alternatives and we all know how that is…it’s not all that reliable. So far I’ve come up with a healthy does of Vitamin C supplements (which I should probably be taking already) and something called Eyebright Nettle which my mother is currently inquiring about at our local health food store.

But, if anyone else has any tips or tricks in dealing with middle ear fluid I would love to hear them…so I can simply hear them :)

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