Friday, January 22, 2010

The Key to . . . Pinatas and BMWs

The bad thing about being one of the first of your friends to turn 18, is that there are few ideas on how to celebrate. The good thing is, however, that when it’s their turn, you can come up with all kinds of ideas.

Aubrie, who I’ve mentioned on many occasions, decided to do 18 gifts for her boyfriend, one of my other friends and fellow FBLA officer, Michael. Friday, being Michael’s birthday and a FCPS snow day (woo hoo!), Aubrie, Ashley and I went to town to try and find 18 gifts for Michael’s birthday dinner.

First off can you guess just how long it takes to find 18 gifts?? FOUR hours! In sleet and freezing rain. Yeah, we’re pretty dedicated friends. We got everything from lottery tickets to silly string to a Westpoint-colored tie. But, in my opinion, the best of the best was the gift Ashley and I got for Mike—a  unillama piñata.

We stuffed it with about two pounds of candy (before discovering it could be loaded from the back and the front!) and helped Aubrie wrap all the other gifts…really I just watched and made bows..I’m a really bad wrapper!

Before the basketball game that night and Michael’s birthday dinner, we went to Michael’s house to undergo a secret spy mission (another post entirely) and give him his first of many gifts—his piñata. It was Michael’s genius idea to hang it up in the garage before beating it—the garage with his mother’s new BMW convertible on one side and a window on the other. Yeah…fortunately, nothing was broken. And Michael loved it! I mean, what person in their right mind wouldn’t love a piñata?!

                             IMG00105-20100122-1609 IMG00106-20100122-1727

It was certainly a great way to start off his wonderful birthday evening…which was followed up by a girls’ basketball game, a dinner at Roma with 6 girls, before Aubrie’s house for more gifts.

Michael’s is just one of the first 18th birthdays amongst my friends…by the time we get to March we’ll have this whole thing down pat!

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