Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Key to . . . Bow-riffic Snow Days!

Everyone knows how much I just love snow. And the good Lord most have known that with the evidence from our late December storm nearly gone, I was ready for some more snow. Because today, we were supposed to get a dusting, and instead got 6 inches!


So snowed in and feeling a little bit better, I went into craft mode. I made some cute as a button, button bobby pins.


And then I made some even cuter big hair new thing is going to be making bows for my friends when they pick what school they’re going to/get into, in their new school colors. Right now I’ve got to be getting busy on UNH for Liz and VT for Aubrie. I also re-organized my bow collection.


And then I added a bow to my button collection.


All-in-all it was a pretty bow-rrific snow day!


Oh, and I finally got around to framing the little kids’ handprints from my birthday card at work! Every time I look at it, I smile :)



  1. You are such a mess. Gotta love you. Grand

  2. You are such a mess. Gotta love you. Grand


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