Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Key to . . . Being the Self-Photographer

The tragedy of being the photographer in the family, is that there are limited “good” pictures of yourself. So, you must resort to taking pictures of yourself, in things like hotel mirrors during FBLA competitions, the glass windows of the Crystal Cathedral in Los Angeles, the sides of your mother’s car, etc. The risk with this, however, is that you may not even get your face.

DSC_0147edDSC_0343 copy DSC_0113ed  

Then, besides missing yourself completely, if you shoot manually (like me!) you may struggle with even being in focus.

      mefadeddaydreamedit                memyeditbw

So it is quite a rarity when you snap pictures of yourself that you actually like…so rare, in fact, you just happen to be in your pj’s with no make-up on!

                   mecameralightcpedit  mepeakingperbwedit                     

                    mepeakingautumnedit  mecameraperbwedit

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