Monday, August 24, 2009

Watching Old Movies

In the evening time
How come the sun gone down
How you gonna leave me when the morning comes
Stay if I accept you now

                  Watching Old Movies in the Evening Time, Adam Greene

So being a member (and this year’s president) of FBLA, I get into a lot of neat things—like California. But there is a lot of hard work that goes on behind all the cool things we get the chance to do.

This year, I’m going to be part of a competition team where we are partnering with a new business that is coming to our area. We will follow the business through the opening, management, and other aspects of the business throughout the next few months.

It’s called The Alamo. It’s going to be a really cool, retro, artsy movie theater. (It figures that this place gets something to do right before I leave!) Today, one of my teammates for the competition, Liz, and one of the other officers, Elizabeth, and I got to take a hard hat tour of the place.

Now, I’ve watched as this place has grown from nothing to something…I pass it nearly every day. And let me tell you, I had no idea just how massive or extraordinary it was until I got up to it. The place is huge! It will have a retro feel with a glass booth to purchase tickets. But it will be a more contemporary place with a lounge as you walk in to mingle and order some lunch. And one of the best parts—you order/eat while you watch the movie. Once you are seated in the stadium seats from South America, mind you, you can place your order and the waiters bring the food right to you. The eight screens range in audience numbers from 99 to 180 something.

The best part however, is that this place won’t be just for movies. They will also be doing stand-up comedy, live music nights, and business meetings and private parties can book rows or rooms for a certain price. They will also be doing special nights where a certain old movie is played…a little birdie told me that there would be a Napoleon Dynamite one with a quote-along airing of the movie, tater tots on the menu, and a dance-off. And I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that I was wearing a hard hat with my new, black and white dress. 

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