Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Son, can you play me a memory?

I’m not really sure how it goes
But it’s sad and it’s sweet and I knew it complete
When I wore a younger man’s clothes

Billy Joel, Piano Man

So, my blog post today has no theme which means no theme song lyrics for the title, but….this is my current favorite song (all-time of course being a tie between Here Comes the Sun, Hey Jude, and Don’t Stop Believin’ and about three more) and although it’s definitely anything but new, I am someone who appreciates the classics.

See I promised I’d get better at posting!

Today, well today was a great day for me. That is, if you appreciate a test and a quiz…merely two weeks before the end of school. The test happened to be the first multiple choice test we have EVER had in my math class and it was shocking and easy all the same time (and I loved every minute of it!) And the quiz, well Spanish, is probably the only test I can memorize anything for and since it was matching it was quite easy, too. So in summation: while I was tested today, the teachers went easy on us! Yeah for my future co-workers :)

Then in English I got to get out of the test because I got a perfect score on the Reading SOL (yeah me!) and so Brooklyn, Abi, Ashley, and I spent the period in the library coloring like almost first graders instead of almost seniors.

For once I didn’t have to stay after school and I loved every minute of it, including watching Bekah’s face when I showed her the Friday Night Cranks video from our camp-out the other day.

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