Thursday, May 28, 2009

I think, er No, I mean, er Yes,

but it’s all wrong. That is I think I disagree.
The Beatles (mis amores), Strawberry Fields Forever

So in anticipation of the cost of our California trip this summer we’ve done some fundraising at school. This week’s money maker-sell Italian ice in the parking lot after school. So four of us (me, mike, liz, and stephanos) throw up some signs, get the tent set up outside, and bam RAIN!

Yeah, the tent is so not waterproof. So we stand there for the fifteen minutes waiting for school to end getting soaked, I mean soaked in the process (neither liz nor i had make-up on and my hair looked like i had just stepped out of the shower). and as students start shuffling out our cordinator of student activities walks over. Now, he’s a sweetie and works really closely with us for yearbook, but he is a bearer of bad news usually. This is how the conversation went:

is this the Italian ice?


who approved this?

um, (insert our teacher’s name), said she got it approved.

it’s not on my calendar. you’re going to need to pack this up. have her e-mail me again and we’ll get this worked out.

(we stand around looking at him like, are you serious? we’re soaked, this has been on the announcements for a week, and there are signs everywhere and you’re NOW telling us?!?!)

So we did and he was super nice about it, but I was pissed beyond belief…don’t you just love administration? I would have just liked a little bit more of a heads-up, like 15 minutes earlier maybe.

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