Friday, April 3, 2009


It's FRIDAY!!! Let's do a little dance.

good, grey day. A day two is always a good day...even if it does mean Physics! Tomorrow I have to be in a school at 7:30 for our final Saturday of working on the yearbook. Every things gotta be done by midnight tomorrow night so we don't have charges for next's hard to explain how the contract works! It'll be fun, though, with music and lots and lots of food!

Still haven't got to meet Eli. Recently our hospital has changed their regulations- you can't even get into the rooms without having an arm band so we're waiting until they're home to visit. I promised pictures so I'll end with some from his surprise baby shower. I had just gotten my Nikon D40 and was getting used to it so bear with me!

Eli's Diaper Cake (At first I thought it was a real cake!)


Playing in the Mirror with Cate
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