Monday, March 9, 2009

The Calm Before the Storm

Yesterday in the car on the way to church Mom said something to me about how busy I was this week with a laughing response from me. Who was she kidding? My last two months have been busy. This week was going to be a breeze (mind SATs and FBLA Regionals-but I get out of school for that so it doesn't count) or so I thought.

This morning it all hit me. Today was my calmest day this entire week and that's not saying much. Every thing is going on this week. Tomorrow we have teachers' appreciation lunch for FBLA, an FBLA executive board meeting, and I have to baby-sit....and that's just during the day excluding Physics quarterlies, Spanish quizzes, AND four page History papers. Sure it was all coming but it was like wham in my face all at once...and the rest of the week isn't moving annnnnnyyyy slower.

I'm just waiting for one week to go by with nothing to do........but I'm sure that won't happen. I remember when life was so simple last year. hah. I love being busy though, it keeps me from getting bored. If only it didn't creep up on me so freaking much!

Did my Wii Fit! Actually found that it went by a whole lot faster today and I found myself really enjoying it. Now I just have to cut out the snacks!

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