Tuesday, March 10, 2009


i wasn't going to write because overall it was a pretty boring day, but i figured, hey i'm on a streak why the heck not?

just got back from babysitting super baby and his big sister. always a blast. i even got a chance to watch american idol for the first time this season....though for some reason i picked the fantabulous micheal jackson night....yeah. adam is my favorite, tied with matt g. and the girl with red hair and the girl in the red dress; yeah didn't get a chance to grab their names :) maybe next week!

my busy day was just that. i feel muyyyyyyyyyyy tired and almost fell asleep in super baby's bed. i'm glad tomorrow should be a pretty light day with my physics qa moved to a day that i won't be there for----awesome!

so i'm going to bed. hope everyone in cyberspace had a good day and good night!
yeah for another warm day tomorrow! (not letting myself think it's just gonna be cold again!)
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