Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It was Real, Y’all.

It’s been over a month. And I’m pretty sure the only reason I’m even writing now is to prolong studying for the 2 quizzes that I have tomorrow.

But I guess it doesn’t matter why I’m here, just that I’m writing again—at least in this little corner of the universe. My journal’s been getting quite the earful as of late.

I haven’t written about my amazing adventures in Athens, Rome, Florence and Venice in January. In all honesty, I haven’t even begun to edit the massive amounts of pictures that I have. I guess in some way going through, editing my favorites and having them printed makes it all too final that that chapter of my life is over.

I occasionally browse through them as they sit on my computer waiting, remembering all the sights, the smells, and the feelings. And it’s like I’m right back there again. It’s just me and the memories.

It isn’t that I don’t want to share. I just don’t want them to lose their magic…

I guess I understand now how hard it is to understand the beauty and amazingness of Greece and Italy without going there yourself so I just want everyone to appreciate it as much as I did. So when I do share, I’m going to try my hardest to encapsulate every moment of sheer epicness that I experienced in Europe.

But for now, I’m just going to share a couple group pictures that I’ve “collected” from Facebook.



It truly was the best 2 weeks of my life. I met some unforgettable people that I will never forget and I had some amazing adventures that I will carry with me forever.

And when I finally get around to closing that chapter of my life, I will share the pictures with you.

“It wasn’t lies, y’all. It was real.”

Now to get onto writing about the beginning of my spring semester…

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