Sunday, December 4, 2011

Everyday I Am Baffling

Remember the awkward week?

Well I think it could be agreed upon, as this semester comes to a close, that the real one-word descriptor for the year thus far could be baffling.

Seriously. I have never had my brain swirling with more unanswered, maybe even unanswerable questions, then ever before.

And it’s confusing and frustrating and intimidating and exciting and…the list goes on and on.

And I know that part of life is not knowing everything—it makes things more exciting. Some would even say that it’s the spice of life.

But really? How many unknown’s can one person handle?

I’m hoping that next semester brings a wave of answers, but really…with the way things are going, I’ll probably just have a million more questions.

And I think I’m starting to be okay with that.


The end of a semester means the end of one of our friend’s time here at BC.

So we’re rushing to take as many pictures as possible.  We’re living these last few moments of memory-making to the fullest. We’re preparing for a shift in our group dynamic. We’re bracing ourselves for changes to relationships.

It’s a very bittersweet time. I know before the end there will be tears shed. But I also know that there will be laughs and smiles and hugs. Promises of reunions and future plans together. (There enters one of the many baffling questions that I have.)


Some pictures of the past week or so…

image image image  image image2011-12-02_17-40-57_222011-12-04_15-54-00_839 2011-11-27_19-35-47_964 2011-12-03_01-56-03_684 2011-11-27_18-13-50_448 2011-11-27_16-39-20_633 2011-11-27_18-13-43_476 desks


I hope that each of you has an awesome week! And for my college bloggie friends—good luck with your finals; we’re ALMOST done!!!!!!! :)

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