Thursday, October 20, 2011

Friday Phone Dump

Somehow I managed to get my butt in gear this Thursday night to post a Friday phone photo dump. I know, it amazes me, too :)

So, since last week, here are some pictures of the craziness I’ve managed to catch us getting into.


A. A quick peak at Homecoming set-up—the morning sky and the fall leaves were just begging for a  picture and so were Zach and the roomie.

B. My roomie likes her chocolate animal crackers.  My roomie likes to make her chocolate animal crackers more realistic. My roomie likes to make her chocolate animal crackers more realistic on the headboard of my bed by dancing them around and making their appropriate noises.

C. Another roomie story. I came back from class one day and found she was practicing her Spanish—why she isn’t a Spanish major, I don’t know ;) It’s become a running joke on our board.

D. An interesting magazine we spotted at the library during one of our many afternoon and evenings at the library this week.

E. M and the roomie decided to have a banana war across the suite’s bathroom. As you can see, it  didn’t end very well for Mr. Banana.

F. I walked back into our room from the bathroom one night and looked over to see the roomie creepily smiling at me. I needed to document this creep factor—it didn’t do it justice.

 G. A two-fold picture. First, B had a speech this week and so late one night as she was practicing, the roomie, M and I decided to round up all of our animals to add to the audience—make it more realistic and all. You can also see my various educational psych papers laying all over the bed—nothing like late night cramming with your friends! :)

H. We have spent every single day since Sunday in the library. We now have a preferred table, thought we aren’t too picky. It’s become a part of our daily routine: classes, clubs, dinner, and library until bed. Exciting—I know!

I. One of our “creeper things.” The roomie and I spotted B and H in their organic chemistry lab as we hung up flyers for our RHA events this month. Creep status was awarded and documented properly for this one—they had no idea we were there.

J. Prepping for our various costume parties of the season, the roomie and I were trying out a few different outfits. This one we like to call ballerinas and as she’s showing everyone, flexible ballerinas at that. What do you think? I’ll share our actual costumes for Halloween Party #1 Monday! :)

If you can tell me how many times the roomie is written in this post you’ll win a prize! :)

Just kidding. But really, we’re pretty much inseparable as you can see.

Hope your week was grand! Have a great weekend!


  1. I think these photo dump this are too cute! But judging how my 365 blog went I'm not too sure how I'd pull through with it.. ha :) Props on "H" - I need to start making a lot more time for the library!

  2. You should totally make this a link-up! I'd join in every Friday for sure!

  3. If I could get my act together every week, I definitely would!

  4. I know--I probably won't be able to every get my act together to do another one! Ha!

    Oh the library...such mixed feelings for that place ;)


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