Thursday, September 15, 2011

Random Shenanigans

I would like to start off by saying that ever since my little vent session the other day, I’ve been feelings loads better. And once I’ve gotten myself in a routine, I know everything will just be peachy! :)

So because I missed Wordless Wednesday and I can never seem to get my butt in gear for the Friday phone dump, I figured I’d cram both together and see what we came up with! It’ll probably just be one of the most random posts you’ve ever seen.


Last weekend was an adventure and a half: tennis-playing, ice-cream-eating, boy-crushing, JMU-going fun.  And yes, homework was finished before any of these activities. Well, most of it anyway.

group1 littlegroup1 roomies1 

Last week was our school’s Activities Fair—all the clubs set up booths so that freshman can “shop around” the different activities we have on campus—and we just might have taken a break from our booth-sitting duties to get a picture in this super huge chair.

It was definitely a valid excuse :)


The roomie had her first “high place” moment of the year this week. I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about her “high place,” but essentially whenever something B-I-G happens—something shock worthy—she always, always, always has to get as high as she can. Typically that’s her bed.

This time it was almost in the middle of the dining hall, but M and I contained her until we got back to the dorm and straight to her bed she went!


The roomie and I may (or may not) have been in our science building, McKinney, last night in our pajamas. Oh the shenanigans we get in to…

I must say, we’re pretty great :)


See? Super random! But one day I’ll appreciate these little posts of pictures and memories :)

Did anyone else get into any crazy shenanigans this week?


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