Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The First Week

I’ve been back to school for a week now and I’m finally getting around to blogging—really hoping the whole school year isn’t like this!

I haven’t had too much time for picture-taking and blogging because I have been incredibly busy working as a member of the Welcome Week Staff/Orientation Leader Assistant here at BC.

My fellow Welcome Week-ers  and I all moved back to campus early to prepare for the arrival of this year’s freshman class. While it has been an exhausting challenge, it has been such an amazing opportunity—I’ve met and connected with so many new BC Eagles! Gives me yet another reason to believe that this year is going to be an epic one :)

Although I didn’t have my camera for most of this past week, I did manage to get quite a few pictures of our random adventures on my Droid. I thought I would post a few here and quickly summarize what my first week back on campus has looked like!


The view coming back onto campus last Tuesday.

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Our dorm hallway and dorm room; T and I are in a suite this year (our rooms are connected by our own bathroom) with M and her roomie, J.


Our first dinner back on campus! We fixed it in our kitchen down the hall (there’s one on each floor in our building this year) after a quick trip to Wally World.


On Thursday, after two days of training and stuffing folders and preparing for the freshman, many of the Welcome Week staff and the Eagle Production (our student-run activities board) members met at Pump It Up for a team bonding night. I had never been to one before and it was SO much fun—especially when they turned off the lights and we all wore glow-in-the-dark bracelets and necklaces.

      2011-09-02_14-26-19_173  2011-09-02_14-26-51_597

On Friday morning the freshman arrived and my OL partner and I visited all the members of our group before the afternoon convocation where parents and students were officially separated. B and M were fellow Welcome Week-ers and although the roomie is pictured here, she wasn’t an OL, but came back to campus early to get a jumpstart on this year’s RHA planning.


T and B making another dinner on Saturday night, the day that the upperclassman started moving back in.


Eagle Productions did an amazing job with the first weekend of Welcome Week (we still have activities through next weekend that we are attending/helping out with including Laser Tag!) featuring different events each night. Last night was Fiesta Bingo and I won a game of bingo (a BC blanket) and a raffle (a year-long subscription to Netflix!) For someone who never wins anything, last night was my lucky night :)

On Saturday night there was a hypnotist that came and both H and M ended up on the stage—videos/story coming later. It was so creepy/funny/awesome!


It has been a crazy, jam-packed first week, but it has been an awesome one! We’ve taken a walk by the river and visited Mr. Harvey for ice-cream and talked and laughed and talked some more.

Classes started today, a rainy day at that, and I had an 8 AM linguistics class that I already know is going to be awesome.  Another first day tomorrow—jam packed with four classes!

How was your first day/week??


  1. So glad you had a great first week! :-) Sounds like a lot of fun-and congrats on your fun wins! I never win anything, either. It's a sad fate, wouldn't you agree?

    Last week was actually my second week and today begins my third week. I think I'm slowly getting into the swing of things and maintaining more of a regular schedule. I love it so far!


  2. i hope things easier - and less hectic - for you!!


  3. I never win ANYTHING so I was so exciting to finally win something--two somethings at that! :)

    I'm so glad to hear that you're enjoying your time!! It's a great time in our lives, I do believe!

  4. They definitely are!! Thanks so much :)


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