Saturday, August 6, 2011

Meet Virginia, she has Moves Like Jagger!

This has been the summer of concerts. First T. Swift and then, on Wednesday night, an epic show featuring Gavin DeGraw, Train, and Maroon 5. And it was amazing.

It was a concert of firsts.

It was the first concert that I drove to sans an adult. And what a drive it was—four hours plus from my front door to Virginia Beach. But thankfully, I had two of my wonderful friends with me to kill the time, help me navigate the awful interstate traffic, and sing our way to the seaside.

It was the first “grown-up” concert that I’ve been to; full of adults, a few kids sprinkled in here and there. It’s such a different experience to be some of the youngest people in the house. But it was oh-so-amazing—a different kind of loud, a completely different vibe, and both Pat Monahan and Adam Levine could use a few choice words that wouldn’t fly at a T. Swift or Jo Bros concert.

It was also the first time that the details and planning were left up to moi from ticket getting, to looking up directions, to planning to spend the day before/night after the concert with my college friend, Zach.

And all these firsts made me feel so grown up: no parents—just me, my friends, the beach, and some of my all-time favorite musicians.

 IMGP6121 copyIMGP6129 copy 

And how the musicians wowed the crowd.

Gavin DeGraw opened with some of his new music like, Not Over You, but didn’t forget his crowd favorites like Chariot and I Don’t Wanna Be.

IMGP6144 copy

And after a little break, it was time for one of my all-time favorite bands: Train. I love, love, love, love, love all of their music, both old and new. It was, as my mom says, a great big karaoke session. Dancing, swaying, and belting out the lyrics to some of my favorite Train tunes like Meet Virginia, Drops of Jupiter, and Save Me, San Francisco.

IMGP6145 copy IMGP6161 copy  

Pat Monahan had the bedside manner of one of the best doctors in the world. He pulled a herd of girls on the stage, got the crowd pumped, and even has an “in” with the weatherman upstairs—while covering Rihanna’s Umbrella, the hot and humid air broke into a very welcome rain shower. Luckily we had seats under the pavilion and simply got a breezy break from the heat!

IMGP6178 copyIMGP6220 copy

I found a video from the concert—of their classic Drops of Jupiter—and it shows just how comfy Train is on stage, getting the crowd totally immersed in the experience.

Just because they’re one of my most favorite groups, Train’s performance was probably my favorite part of the evening :)

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t also love watching Maroon 5 round out the night of awesome music with their tunes, both old and new.

Adam Levine is soooooooooooo cute and man does he control the stage! He pulled a teenage girl onto the stage and sang She Will Be Loved to Her—I’m pretty sure I would have dropped dead had it been me! ;)

IMGP6231 copyIMGP6275 copyIMGP6331 copy 

And because I chose a classic Train video to share from the concert, how about Maroon 5’s new hit, Moves Like Jagger? Such a catchy, fun song! I love how he’s educating the younger generations on a man whom many wouldn’t have ever learned about otherwise.

It was a jump-up-and-down, dance-all-around, sing-until-your-hoarse night and it was absolutely amazing!

I absolutely love concerts—what concerts are you going to/wish you were going to this summer?

On Wednesday, I’ll post more pictures of our adventures around VA Beach with our great host Zach! :)


  1. I LOVE summer concerts! This is the first summer in several years that I am not going to one! Sad! I really am trying to get tickets to Taylor Swift when she is by me in October!

  2. Aren't they the best?! :)

    I hope you end up getting tickets---this is definitely an awesome tour for her!


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