Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Well light on the words, anyway!

I went to visit my roomie/bestie for her birthday earlier this month. It was the first time we were reunited (minus  texting and Skype/Oovoo chats) since our departure from college nearly two months before. Our "third roommate”, M, also celebrated with us. And it was, in one word, amazing!

After M and I road-tripped it her house, the bestie’s momma fixed us a delicious dinner. We decided to venture over to the carnival that evening and then, after an adventure and a half there, headed home to talk well into the night.

It was if we had never been apart; the joking, story-telling and laughter picked right back up as if two months had never passed.

It was such a fun weekend and made me that much more ready to get back to school! :)

(We did forget to take pictures, aside from the following Droid shots! So unusual for us photo-lovers.)

   280117_2259994420243_1259902232_2735773_324454_o  266298_2259994620248_1259902232_2735774_2128176_o

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  1. Gotta love forgetting to capture the memories! :P Thank God for Droids. lol


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