Sunday, March 6, 2011

Testing, Testing . . .

Testing, testing, one, two, three.

Yes! It does still work ;)

Where have I been the past week(s) you ask??

Well I’ve been visiting London. Okay, not really. But we pretended we were there, recreating the romance of Prince William and Kate. It was an epically hysterical success. If only I could get the video to save---any tips on Windows Movie Maker and saving issues??


I have been to IHOP for my free stack of pancakes. And Coldstone for yummy ice-cream. And maybe even Chick-fi-a for a brownie. But it definitely was not all on the same day, I promise. There was some tennis thrown in, too, to counteract all the sugar!!

My roomie and I took Mr. Monkey on a grand adventure around campus one day. He even got to tag along on our Chick-fil-a adventure!

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All you college guys and gals probably know what all this nonsense means—midterm time. We were hit hard by the procrastination bug!! I can only imagine what this bug will have progressed into by finals time.

Somehow we managed to get everything finished from papers and tests to all the various meetings that were sprinkled in here and there. A few meetings, of which, I can’t wait to share with you! Even through all the crazy ridiculous procrastination, we made it to the end. We’re finally here—Spring Break!! Hallelujah :)

Even though these past few weeks have been extremely stressful, they have been some of the best of my college experience, to date. I’ve finally gotten my groove back thanks to a wonderful group of guys and dolls that I’ve been fortunate enough to meet (and I can’t forget M and T who have always been there for me!)

While I can’t say that it makes the misery of interterm any less miserable, I can say that I’m glad I went through it so that these next few months are something even more special. It is true, and I do believe it; things do happen for a reason and while, at the time, it seemed horrible and awful and downright unfair, there was a reason that I had to go through it.

Because it made me stronger. And it made me even more appreciative of all of the wonderful people I now have in my life because of it. Thanks guys :)

Upcoming Posts: A Talent Show, A Game Show, and more!!

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