Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Here Goes Nothing . . .

Before you read: After some supportive tweets, I’ve decided to go ahead and publish this lovely little post. It was an incredibly hard decision to make because I, in no way, want to offend my wonderful bloggie readers. However this topic seems to be appearing over and over again in my life, and seeing as this blog is a way to document my life, it kind of made sense to share. So that being said, family and friends, you have fair warning. Read no further, if you prefer not.

Part of living life the liberal arts way is questioning the things that surround us. Instead of going with what we may feel is the “obvious” answer, we should instead look at the issue from all sides—playing devil’s advocate with ourselves. Then, after we’ve looked at the issue from all sides, we should analyze and reflect on why we believe that our side is the “right” side.

Thanks to this lovely philosophy that will forever be engrained in my head thanks to BC’s lovely PDP program, I’ve begun to really delve deeper into why I believe the things that I believe.

In light of recent allegations against Miss Miley Cyrus (including her wonderfully handled stance on the subject) and the opening of two hookah bars in  both my hometown and college town, the topic that I have been tossing around in the ole’ noggin lately is that of salvia and hookah bars.

I’m not hiding the fact that I’m a self-proclaimed lover of all things Weeds, minus you know, the weed. So the idealized and media-strewed stance that I’ve been consciously and subconsciously fed, may play a bit into my more liberal view on the subject.


So here we go. First, I’ve linked salvia and hookah bars to their respective Wikipedia site if you aren’t completely aware of what each are.

Again, this is not a debate about marijuana—that is another post entirely, but rather  one about the legal (if you’re of age) usage of salvia and hookah bars.

Knowing full well that smoking any substance is not good for anyone, I support the decision of any 18 (or older) year old to have the right to freely use/visit either. To me, I see nothing wrong in the actions of Miley Cyrus (barring her decision to allow someone to film her partaking—videos like these and the revelation of youths’ acts on social media sites are one of the biggest cons in the technology world today) and her usage of salvia. She is of age, can make decisions like these on her own, and has the same rights of any other 18 (or older) year old out there.

Same goes for attendance at hookah bars. When facilitated in a safe and managed way, the usage of hookah at hookah bars, is just fine. To me.

From the glamour that is fed to me via Weeds and my strange fascination with all of it, I take a more curious, investigative, experimental stance on the issue. Hopefully it doesn’t turn into a curiosity killed the cat, kind of thing.

I know where I stand, but where do you?? I want to know how you feel about it and why! Maybe, just maybe, you’ll change my mind!

So, now it’s your turn to sound off on the topics above: from salvia to hookah bars, even to the actions of Miley Cyrus. Just please remember to be nice! We all have opinions and are all just as equally entitled to have them. So let’s hear it—how do you feel?

This is Part 1 of a two-part post. Check back for Part 2 tomorrow!


  1. I agree!! Honestly, if Miley wasn't famous it woudn't even be a big deal. I can get all heated over this Miley thing hahah! I honestly love her and support her! And no one would even know if there wasn't a video, so really the video was the problem there, like you said!

    In general though, I agree too. It is a person's choice. I know I wouldn't wanna do it, but if someone else makes the decision to do it themselves, I honestly don't care haha!

    I hope I understood this correctly!! I didn't even know it was that big a deal (well I knew the Miley thing was, but not in general!)

  2. Kudos on posting, Hannah! This is definitely a controversial topic.

    I take the other side of the issue. Although I respect people's choices, and understand that they often won't coincide with my own, I don't find anything beneficial in the use of salvia or hookah. I know more about hookah than about salvia {even after reading the wikipedia pages to which you so kindly linked}, and honestly, there are no health benefits to smoking tobacco, whether you call it hookah or a cigarette or whatever.

    I respect people's choices, and I don't think less of them if they partake in these activities, but it's not something I would choose for myself, or, quite frankly, something of which I particularly approve, just due to the health damages that are associated with it.

  3. This was exactly what I wanted!! First, thanks SO much for sharing your opinion. I love hearing why/what everyone else believes when it comes to subjects like this.

    I have to agree with your support of Miley. While she chose to do something that she has every right to do, she made the unfortunate decision to allow it to be broadcast to everyone--probably not the best idea with such young fans. She has held her grace and poise through the entire situation. And her gig hosting SNL showcased exactly what a great young woman she has grown into.

    Thanks again for sharing your opinion, Samantha! :)

  4. Thanks, Annie! And thanks for your comment. This is exactly the kind of response I was hoping to create. I might love it even more because it contradicts my entire argument! ;)

    I would have to agree, the dangers to one's health, should they chose to participate are totally unnecessary and unneeded. Similar to yourself, I usually find myself subconsciously looking down upon those who do participate in these behaviors (whether it be salvia, hookah, pot, etc.) even though I believe that they have a right to partake if they chose to. Such an odd topic; perhaps I'm more in the middle then I thought?

  5. You're welcome! I think you might be more in the middle, haha :]

    I think the core question, as a Christian, when it comes to things like this is to ask if it honors God. If it doesn't, I don't believe it's right to partake. If it is, I think it's fine. Ultimately I don't see smoking of any kind as honoring God, which is why I believe it's wrong.


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