Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Sunshine Centre for Little Kiddies

So apparently I’m not in college; rather I’m enrolled at The Sunshine Centre for Little Kiddies. Whoda thunk it? Not me.

To say this week—yes all two days of it—has been ridiculous would be the understatement of the century.

Name calling? Check.

Slammed doors? Check.

Whispering behind closed/opened doors? Check, check.

Nasty messages left on others’ doors? Check.

Facebook bullying? Check.

Ding-dong-ditch (or rather knock-knock-ditch) in the wee hours of the morning repeatedly? Check.

RA and RD called in? Check.

Yeah…The Sunshine Centre for Little Kiddies is exactly where I’m living right now. And I cannot stand it.

Instead of putting up quotes on our board, why don’t we live by the words we’re quoting; forgive, forget, and move on? And maybe, just maybe, act like the adults we’re supposed to be; instead of stooping to the maturity level of a six-year-old. Oh right, I forgot you were supposed to be the mature one, the bigger person. Whooops. Silly me!

Off my soap box now.

Goodness. It is so frustrating. It’s days/weeks like these that make me so glad that I live in a co-ed dorm because I couldn’t imagine four floors of this.

I’ve been working so hard to say strong. To remain a poised and polite young woman. But it is so hard and so frustrating. I so badly want to write words of anger and mockery on the board that hangs on our door, but I’m refraining—refusing to stoop to the level of the bullies.

I so desperately wanted to call for the aide of my RA last night as the clocked flipped to 1 A.M. and the knocking continued. But I didn’t. I resisted. I wouldn’t let them have the satisfaction of knowing that their childish behavior was getting to me.

How I just wish every thing would simmer down. Enough to the point that I don’t get anxious to return to our room, weary of what messages will be scrawled there now. Can’t we just co-exist? You live in your room, we in our ours. And that be that? No name calling or middle school games? Please.

I’m trying so hard to be the bigger person. To rise above them. But I am human, and sometimes, it’s just so hard. So if anyone has any suggestions or similar stories (especially those of you who are or have trudged through dorm life) please leave them in the comments? Please.

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