Monday, November 22, 2010

My Day in Blackberry Media

Tomorrow is our last day of classes before Thanksgiving Break so people around campus are either extremely stressed about last minute assignments or extremely relaxed. Thanks to our “Homework Weekend,” we are the later of the two.

So, following the conclusion of our classes today, we decided to take a little car ride. No destination, just a car ride and some Taylor Swift. We ended up at Dunkin’ Donuts where I indulged in my first pumpkin muffin of the year—yummy!!

M wasn’t dressed in proper attire at the moment and ended up leaving in slippers, without her jacket. We love her anyway.


My yummy muffins!!


Our only stipulation about our drive was that we were back for part two of Oprah’s last Favorite Things show. And oh me, oh my was it a good episode.

Below is my roomie’s reaction of Oprah’s very last favorite thing.

Then later this evening, T and I were practicing our Comm speeches we’re giving tomorrow to M. M wasn’t the best audience member, however, and wanted to see how closely she she could resemble the baby on my first slide.

       IMG00540-20101122-1850    IMG00541-20101122-1850 

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting from my house…bring on the turkeys and babies!!

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