Monday, November 8, 2010



1. Every Sunday, I make it a point to visit PostSecret. This week’s theme is Soldiers’ Secrets. You can bet that I cried when I watched the video sharing all the secret postcards  that had been collected. The one about the woman finding a new man…oh my, sent me right over the edge.


2. Each semester here at BC we are required to attend a total of 7 convos. Each week there are about three convo opportunities that we can go to and get credit for. There are all kinds of convos! A few I’ve attended so far have been a showing of Coraline and a discussion afterwards, a debate about marijuana, and a presentation by the Las Vegas coroner who works with CSI.

Each Monday we get an e-mail detailing the specifics of that week’s convos. Was I surprised when I opened the e-mail to find that All My Children actor, Brot Monroe, will be here at BC this week to talk about his tour in Iraq! I’m sooo very excited for this one :)

image image


3. One of the best parts of BC is the fact that I have a small fitness center literally two feet outside of my dorm room. Forget walking across campus to The Funk (our fitness center); I’ve got treadmills, bicycles, and Stairmasters at my fingertips.

But last week, as E and I were taking a nightly stroll around campus, we ventured into The Funk. It was then that I might have had my greatest idea ever, racquetball! I love it!

4. I think my roommate (and fellow Quad member) might be going crazy. Just kidding, I love her…but sometimes she makes me wonder. This morning, after I woke up, she told me that when she rolled over in the wee hours of the morning, she had been petting the top of my head. (You see our beds form an L-shape and our heads are near each other.)

So now I’m considering sending her to a mental institution…just kidding. I might have to try restraining her at night, though.


How was your Monday?

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