Friday, October 22, 2010

Dorms, Doors, and Boys

At college, leaving your dorm room door open is truly a must (at least some most of the time!).

During Welcome Week it's how you make new friends. I had a girl from next door just straggle in and say, "Hey! I'm ___ and I'm bored. Wanna hang out?" And a friendship was born.

And then E, a member of the Quad, found us by doing the exact same thing. Just walked across the hall and said, "Hi. I'm _____." And the last member of the Quad was found.

It's also how you learn who you live around. Who has the messy rooms and the rooms that look like they've been designed my professional decorators.

It is also a must for air circulation in an un-air-conditioned dorm!

But living with your door open (we keep our door open at all times—unless we’re not in our room or  are sleeping) means you see and hear some pretty crazy things happening in the hallway.

Just a note: Our co-ed dorm is connected to the boys’ dorm by  The Link. On our level of The Link is a game room, fitness center, two seminar/homework rooms and bathrooms. Our room is right inside the door that connects the Link and our dorm, meaning lots and lots of foot traffic, resulting in our experiencing a bulk of the weird behaviors. However, I’m sure it happens everywhere!

Some of our dorm hall experiences include:

  • Boys from the Free Mint Society handing out their free mints.
  • A group of boys with guitars and a pizza box offering pizza while being totally wasted. (BC is a dry campus, mind you. Wink, wink.)
  • A full blown soccer game in the middle of the night.
  • Girls riding scooters.
  • Boys in various stages of dress (meaning shirtless to full dress) coming through at all hours.
  • People moving one of the HUGE bean bags from down in the game room to their room. And I mean those things are huge.
  • E and I have also been known to taking to the hall for a game of ping pong.
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