Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Five . . . Question Time!

Just Me and My Life

I missed Friday Five last week, but I’m back on the wagon today! Oh, how I’ve missed you!

It’s question time once again on Friday Five…definitely one of my favorite prompts :)

1. What's your "comfort food"?

Hmmm. One “comfort food”. I wouldn’t say I have just one comfort food, but rather just crave different things at different times. However, if I’m ever feeling down, oimagen the brink of a headache or just plain blah, I reach for a Coke. Sooo I’d say my comfort food/drink is the yummy, delicious goodness of Coca-Cola.


2.One thing that’s on your mind right now?

All I have to do before going home for the first time in a MONTH!!! Emptying the trash, packing up weekend wear, waiting for  SB to get out of class so she can tag along, too. Trying to finish up homework so I can enjoy a weekend at home. Unfortunately, momma, laundry will have to be done when I get home---but don’t you worry, SB and I have it down to science!

3.What's the best advice you've ever received?

Best advice I’ve ever received. Now that’s a toughy.  The thing that sticks out the most in my mind is the words of the VCU nurse who came and did a Welcome Week presentation with us entitled, Twinkies, Tylenol & Beer Puzzle. It can relate to soooo many different situations that we find ourselves in.

“If it’s wet and not yours, don’t touch it!”

4.If you found $10 today, what would you do with it?

Save it of course! I’m a college student and I need ever scrap I can rake up! (I might, however, in a moment of weakness, invite the Quad to Dairy Queen for a Blizzard—it’s extremely warm here for the end of September!) image

5. What is your least favorite thing to clean in your house?

Let’s change this to the least favorite thing to clean in your dorm room ;)

I don’t mind cleaning the dorm room, however, cleaning the bathrooms would stink! But thankfully, we have an awesome group of ladies that take care of our bathrooms and hallways each day. We’re so incredibly lucky!


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Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Stopping by from Friday Fives... I love Coke too! Not diet but regular coke!

  2. Nothing makes me feel better than a regular Coke in a glass bottle when I'm feeling sick. My mom always bought them for us when we were little and got sick. She did it for my husband once a year or two ago and know he always wants them if he starts to feel bad. It's so cute.

  3. I'm a new follower!


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