Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Caught In the Rain

For the end of September, and the first day of fall, it is still quite sweltering here in Virginia.

That’s why the Quad and I thought it would be a fabulous idea to venture down to the river, on the other side of campus, to cool off and have a nice, peaceful afternoon.


What we didn’t account for were these lovely clouds. A thunderstorm? Hadn’t rained in the month we’ve been here---why would it rain, now??


After a ten minute trek past the football field, the soccer fields, the baseball field, and the softball field,  we finally reached the banks of the river. Our greeting?? Rain!!


At first, we huddled beneath the trees, missing every other rain drop beneath their coverage. SB danced in the rain. And when we realized it wasn’t letting up anytime soon, as we’d first thought, we made a run for it!


The softball players were cheering for us and welcomed us into one of their dugouts. When they rain finally let up, we slowly walked back to our room, wet little rats, ready for hot chocolate and a movie.


So I guess we did cool off, just not with the help of the river! What a crazy adventure it was!

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