Monday, August 9, 2010

The Mr. Mayer Phase

So it’s been forever since I’ve done a music-related post. This was the last one. A long overdue post, I’ve been wanting to share a few of my current faves with you.

If you’ve been visiting here with me for awhile, you know I’m not musically inclined. I am, however, a huge music lover and constantly surround myself with various tunes from classics to modern Top 20 tracks.

I have my absolute favorites (The Beatles with Here Comes the Sun and Hey Jude, Train with Meet Virginia and John Mayer with No Such Thing). And then I have my current favorites…or my phases as I call them.

These phases last for anywhere between a day to a month in which I cannot get enough of that artist, album or tune. Colbie Caillat was a recent phase; Kesha, today’s phase (thanks to the little sister).

                           image        image

John Mayer has also been a reoccurring phase lately. While I was at the beach, I couldn’t get enough of his croons. Listening to them as I drifted to sleep and as I sat by the pool. From the oldie, Daughters, to Dreaming with a Broken Heart (a fave!!!).


There’s just something about his voice that soothes me and calms me down…much like the friend that originally turned me on to the dark-eyed musician.

I have his earlier albums and tonight I found myself clicking Complete Album (via iTunes) for his most recent collection, Battle Studies.  And he’s been on repeat every since. I love it. I have a feeling his phase is going to be lasting awhile.

I’m leaving you with two of my John Mayer favorites. Happy listening :)

A live performance of Dreaming with a Broken Heart

and No Such Thing. Acoustic makes everything so much better.


Are you having any musical phases??


  1. I went to his concert in March, and he is amazing live. I love it when that happens.

  2. Have you tried Michael Buble? His style is very similar to John Mayer's :)

  3. Oh my yes!! I loooove him, too :)


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