Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Forget Dancing, I am the Packing Queen!

Guess who finally got their butt in gear and packed for college?

Yeap! Me! I did!

I spent my Tuesday labeling and packing.

The boxes now sit stacked, waiting in the foyer. It’s all so official.

 DSC_0475          DSC_0483 

Now there are only a few things left on the check-list. A few last minute things to do before we pull-out on Friday.

One box left, sitting empty, waiting to hold all the final items. My pillows. Toothbrush. Kindle. Camera.


One day to go.


  1. So exciting! Good luck moving in :) Be sure to show us your room!

  2. Thanks so much :)
    And I most definitely will!


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