Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Key to . . . The Things We Say

Recently Kelly was talking about sayings and idioms that are parts of our local culture and dialect. For her it was the use of “chawed.” And it got me thinking about every thing we say. From the phrases that are part of our local community, to the words we pick up from our friends. 

I hate to say, but my fellow classmates and I are notorious for throwing “like” into a conversation where it needn't be, though I think that is more of a generation thing versus a local thing.

And due to the fact that two of my closest friends are employed at the great Chick-fil-a, instead of saying “You’re welcome” after a “Thank you” I say “My pleasure.” My kids at work love that one :)

Speaking of my favorite kids, I spend a lot of my time saying, “One, if I get to three you’re having a time out. Two. Thank you.”

Or what about how it seems everyone says, “Yeah” or “Yep” instead of “Yes”? An example of how text messaging has sent our communication skills down the toilet?

But no matter what it is, we say a lot of things every day. So…

What do you say?


  1. I say y'all a lot, and I'm not even from the south - haha. and I say sketchy.

  2. I definitely say "like" a lot. I just say it without thinking. I almost never say "yes." It just sounds so... formal, I suppose. I also say "Mhmmm" quite often in place of yes, yeah, etc. Also, according to my friends and family, I say "Umm" and "Uhh" a lot. I never notice that I do it, though. Anyway, interesting post :). I liked it.

  3. I saw "y'all" too!! My friends pick on me for that ALL the time :)
    And I guess I'm considered, the northern part of the south...but I'm still not from the south...if that makes sense!!

    And sketchy...that's another popular one in my school. Sketch, too.

  4. Thanks Kate!!! Often times I don't think we realize how often we say phrases and make sounds, until we think about it, or like your friends--have it pointed out to us!


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