Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Key to . . . A Letter to School


Dear School,

Please be over soon. I’ve finished all my homework. My projects have been turned in and all my tests have been taken. My books are sitting in my car ready to be turned back into you (tomorrow’s the day!). My friends and I are trying our hardest to patiently wait (without killing each other) through class after class of movies and free days. Please, for the sake of this little ole’ senior, please hurry up and close. I’m ready to graduate!




  1. You can make it!! when do you get out?

  2. Thanks Renee :)

    Being a senior, my official last day is next Wednesday after graduation practice. But for all the underclassmen, their last day is not until Friday, the 11th.

  3. I'm really anxious for school to come to a close as well. My last day isn't until the 17th though. We're already winding down -- final projects have been turned in, and we've started watching movies more often. You've got one more week of high school left - you can do it! :). You're so lucky you're graduating. I'd love to take your place ;).

  4. Good luckk!!! You will be sad when its over tho!


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