Wednesday, June 30, 2010

From Taylor to Taylor

After work Wednesday, I went to my friend Taylor’s water gun, slip ‘n slide showdown. The hot, oppressive weather we have been having decided to switch paces and be cool and beautiful. After eating some yummy food, I watched a game of volleyball, and sat and do what I do best-socialize-with Kelsey and Aubrie. We shivered as splashes of the slip ‘n slide hit us and the water balloons burst behind us. But we kept on chattering away anyway.

DSC_0089 DSC_0091

Afterwards, I met my momma, my sister, and her friend Hannah at the Alamo to get in line for Eclipse. We have seen all three movies together on opening night! Couldn’t break tradition. We got in line at 9:15, to be seated at 10:00 for the movie to start at 10:40. Now I love the books. Can’t get enough of them. And so, I go to the movies knowing I will be disappointed. They can never live up to the little world of Forks that I have created in my head. And that’s okay. But my, as a member of Team Jacob, can I say that spending two hours watching him was certainly a-okay with me!


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