Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Key to . . . My Crazy, Top-Like Life

My life is crazy. I feel like I’m spinning in a million different directions.

Half of me is stuck in high school, suffering from senioritis as I work my way through the last month of end-of-year projects, tests, and busy work.

And the other half of me is being pulled towards the summer, towards college! To the unknown of the next three months.

This is the first Saturday in many, many months that I have had NOTHING to do. No immediate homework (I should be reading The Politician) or functions to be attending. I could just stay in pajamas, watch the Hallmark channel, and take an afternoon nap. And so I did. And it has been fantastical. A perfect day.

Because I’m spending my days spinning like a top from the gravitational pulls of my life, I am left with very little me time. And so I am left with even less blog time. Read: No blog time.

And that makes me sad. Because this is my outlet. My way to remember what I was doing this fine Saturday. To get all of my feelings out. To share.

But soon—one month to go—I’ll be back to my ole’ blogging self. With plenty of me time, that results in blogging time :)

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