Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Key to . . . Life

After our first week of dissections, our Biology teacher has given us a break the past two days before jumping back in tomorrow.

Our break? Watching the Life series that recently aired on the Discovery channel (Oprah does the commentary.)image

Yesterday we watched the first hour with the basic introductions of the different environments it would be covering. We had already realized A) if they told you the long, life story of the animal, the predator trying to catch it WOULD NOT succeed and B) it was a documentary of amazing quality and precision. How much it cost and how long it took to make, I have no idea…but they must have sat around for weeks trying to catch some of the moments.


Today was the reptile/amphibian hour. Another jaw-dropping, head-scratching hour. They must have set up camp for weeks trying to catch the pebble frog fall down the cliff of the mountain and waited and watched for weeks as the komodo dragon’s poison slowly killed the buffalo.

 image     image

It just amazes me!! How did they do it??

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