Friday, April 2, 2010

The Key to . . . Funny Friday “Fings”

I talk about “my kids” a lot. Usually because they make me laugh (whether they mean to or not); occasionally because they have a “kid” moment that pushes a button. Today was one of the laughing kind.

There were fewer kids then normal thanks to the holiday, and so our rooms were shuffled around quite a bit; I got my two school agers and the four year olds.

Funny Thing #1: Friday is Show-and-Tell. It is also the day that the classes get to play with certain “Friday Only Toys” like life-size Batman. Today was dress-up clothes. Costumes, to be exact. While I was feeding snack to my kids (only four left at this point), Ms. K said she had something to show me. Out marched three, of the five kids she had left, in costume.

First was C, in his little puppy dog costumes, legs too short, ears floppy. Quickly he turned around, “Look at my tail-el (tail with an additional –el sound) Miss Hannah!”

Then there was Q, in this green Baby Pop costume complete with hat and bow. “Look, my tail sticks out!'”

And last, but not least there was O with her unicorn costume. While she didn’t ask me to look at her tail, one of my school-agers yelled,“Look it’s a pegasus!” We were all cracking up while O just looked at her like she was nuts.

Funny Thing #2: At crackers (goldfish today), the kids are able to see through the glass door where their parents check them in and out. A dad was standing there when C yelled, “T it’s your daddy!” All the kids always yell, numerous times, whose parent is there…as if they couldn’t see themselves ;)

So I looked at C and said, “Silly, that your dad!”

He looked at me, grinning, “Miss Hannah you know my dad has poufy hair that goes like this,” he then raised his hand about three inches above his head.

Out of the mouths of babes…

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