Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Key to . . . A Spring Break?

It’s a four day week, but it’s a busy week.

  • AP Biology Test
  • Deadline 6 for Yearbook
  • 6-page Beowulf/Grendel paper for AP English
  • Take-home Integral/Anti-derivative Test for AP Calc
  • Scholarships!!!

And add in work every evening and you’ve got one busy girl!

Can’t wait to kick-back and relax my four day weekend (also known as Spring Break, thanks to my snow!) where I will be working and, of course, doing loads of homework. My friends and I have dubbed it “Homework Break!” Can you tell we’re ready to be done??

Hope everyone’s week is going well—it is almost HUMP DAY!!


  1. teachers are cramming in everything before break, aren't they? mine tried to but then moved the tests to after break :). scholarships are so time consuming. i really don't like doing them, but i think i'm going to be doing some more in the near future, ugh. how many did you apply for? are they scholarships for a particular school or just general ones?

  2. They are!! We've got quarterlies, and most have been nice enough to hold off until after break. And as for scholarships I've done about 4...I should be doing more! One, however, is what we call a local scholarship that goes into all our local ones. I haven't picked my school, yet (either Bridgewater College or University of Mary Washington) so I haven't done scholarships for the schools, but my mom did get our FAFSA stuff for them. What about you? Have you picked colleges?

  3. nope, i haven't picked yet. i seriously am so confused. one day i'm sure it's this college and the other day i'm having huge doubts. ugh!

  4. Me too!! I'm split between my two. I like them both for completely different reasons. And I'm so jealous because most of my friends know what they're doing already!


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