Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Key to . . . The 83rd Apple Blossom Festival

Apple Blossom used to be my favorite time of the year.

It is the first week/weekend of May (this year it was the last week of April and first weekend of May), which typically means it ushers in the warm, summer breezes with temperatures typically in the 70’s.

Turns out Mother Nature was ahead of the game; the temperature at parade time today? 90 and rising.

It means lots and lots of pink and green; clothes, shoes, purses, and bows. It means yummy food and fun with friends and family…and a day off of school.

But by the time you reach your 17th Apple Blossom, it just isn’t so much fun anymore. Too many people (especially inebriated ones) trying to get out of our town and too, too, too many people trying to get in! And such similar sights from year to year. Parades (2), floats (many), fireworks (beautiful) and a plethora of queens and princesses.

So for only the second time in my entire life, I skipped the parades and fireworks.

But, I did wear pink and green all week…and to work on Friday. And I attended the Prayer Brunch Friday morning with my sister, my mother, and my grandmother.


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